Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did you get the message?

Most of us know what it's like when our intuition, guides, ancestors, angels, etc. try to help us, right? We often stumble, literally, seeking information or answers to our most burning questions, but fail to make the connection. I learned to acknowledge that we get what we need when we need it and that "getting" tends to save the day, bail our bottoms out, and pave the way for new opportunities, or better ways of handling current or ongoing situations. This is a "truism," at least in my world it is.

Then, I had an "aha moment" the other day. While speaking with a close friend, and without divulging a private conversation, I made a major connection -- Free Will. Part of the conversation revolved around listening to guides, or intuition if you prefer that word, and why they don't tell us directly what to do. Actually they do in life-threatening situations, but not when it comes to other choices we need to make!

Here's the message that I would like to share with you: When my guides tell me something, it is generally in the form of these types of questions:
  • "Why don't you do ____________?"
  • "Are you sure you want to say that?"
  • "Are you sure you want to do that?"
I equate these conversations to the words of wisdom uttered by the Scarecrow in the "Wizard of Oz" when Dorothy couldn't decide which direction to take when she came to the end of the "Yellow Brick Road." He suggested two choices -- left or right. Dorothy ultimately chose her path and the Scarecrow came along to guide her. Guides are always with us.

The missing piece has always been the fact that we have free will. Too often, we keep making the same choices we always have, or some variation thereof. This may or may not take us where we want to go, or we take a mis-step from time to time. Maybe it's time to choose differently -- and wisely. A new perspective might take us somewhere else -- to a new experience that may enhance our lives. Dorothy ended up in Oz. I don't think I want to be filed neatly under "R" in the "O-Z" filing cabinet. I want to get to the Emerald City -- my Emerald City. By understanding that my guides really tell me what to do, I need to...
  • To trust the questions they ask me,
  • Get out of my own logic,
  • Know that I have the wisdom to avoid doing something "stupid," and
  • Know that I must make my own choices.
Sometimes it sounds like my father's voice channeling through my guides. Could my father be working with/through them? I did say ancestors, didn't I?

It is all about FREE WILL. The one thing I strive to do as an intuitive is to present all sides of a situation and possibilities to my clients without taking their power away from them.

The answer you may be seeking may often arrive in the form of riddle or a question. Know this and choose wisely. The information is there. The choice ... yours!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

Today would have been my father's 96th birthday. I had an emotional moment yesterday...and today. One of loss and remembrance. Rather than wait until Father's Day, or the anniversary of his crossing -- June 26th, I want to celebrate his life on the day of his birth.

Because of his love, wisdom, philosophical nature, willingness to roll up his sleeves to help someone in need, and genuine desire to be a "Mensch," I took his words to heart. He was my first spiritual teacher. In his mind, pursuing my passion, at that time, acting, was unacceptable to him because he didn't want to see my heart broken. However, developing my intuitive and mediumistic skills, participating in his meditation circle, and playing with Tarot cards was very much encouraged.

I once said, "If I had one-quarter of his psychic gifts I would be extremely blessed." Now that I am the age he was when he encouraged me to pursue this path, I realize I have surpassed my teacher in many ways. He enjoyed being the armchair psychic for a small group of individuals. An armchair was was not enough for me. I had to be the performer, even if it was not on the stage. I ventured out into the world with a mission to change the image of psychics, something I don't think he would have ever done. I will continue to entertain, enlighten, and empower as many people as I can using my gifts until the day I can no longer function. I know he is proud of me, even though he is not physically here to tell me that. There are times I "feel" him around...and that, is the best feeling of all!

My present to him, posthumously, is remembering how much he has influenced my life. So, Dad, the acting training helped me be a better entertainer, speaker, and teacher. I'm pretty fearless in the spotlight and grateful for having followed in your footsteps -- sort of.

A few years ago, I found a typed snippet among his clippings. I put it on my refrigerator. It says, "When money is lost -- nothing is lost. When health is lost -- something is lost. When character is lost -- all is lost." I think I would like to replace the word character with the word integrity. My father was a character who read people's character...and so do I. He was a man of high integrity and I am grateful to have learned from the best!!